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Dr Zafir A Manji, BSc (Hons), MBChB (Hons)

"I am a University of Leeds Pharmacology and a University of Manchester Medicine graduate with a keen interest in both Neurology and Emergency Medicine. Currently, I am working as a medical Doctor at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. I have presented both nationally and internationally including the European Annual Neurology Conference and have also actively engaged in teaching activities to fellow colleagues and medical students. I am passionate about teaching, ongoing learning and giving back."


Dr Alexander Henshall, MBChB (Hons)

"I am a University of Manchester Medicine graduate with a keen interest in both Surgery and Emergency Medicine. I am passionate about teaching and have extensive experience working with both medical students and those wishing to pursue a career in medicine. I have also founded a successful OSCE teaching programme for medical students, as well as presenting my own work at national conferences. I am confident that A to Z events will provide essentials skills and knowledge to all those who attend."


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