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We are a team of medical doctors focused on delivering structured teaching to medical students and those interested in pursuing a career in medicine. We offer a range of courses including: medical taster days, a comprehensive finals lecture series and an OSCE focused teaching event.

To find out more about us and our events please follow the links at the top of our site. 

Medical taster day

An insightful one day course for students interested in a career in medicine. Including Basic Life Support training. 

Medicine: Finals lecture series

A comprehensive one day lecture series targeting core themes focused at Medical School Finals. 

Medicine: OSCE's 

A one day course designed to boost knowledge and confidence in the OSCE examination. Half day OSCE theory. Half day mock OSCE. 


Medical taster day

I found this workshop extremely helpful. I felt comfortable to ask questions and this workshop has given me an insight into what a career as a Doctor entails.

I feel more confident to apply to a Medical School and would recommend this experience to others.

- Manchester event, July 2019

Medical taster day

I really enjoyed the day. It was:

  • Welcoming and comfortable
  • Medical scenario demononstration was insightful and inclusive
  • Anatmoy was interesting and tested knowledge
  • Personal statement/interview advice was useful
  • Lots of discussion engaged
  • Good advice
  • Challenged comfort zones

- Manchester event, July 2019

Medical taster day

This taster day has been really helpful. I have gained a lot more confidence by meeting real life Doctors. They have helped me to realise that Medicine is the correct career choice for me. 

I would definitely recommend this course to those who are considering Medicine. 

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Course Date/time Venue
Medical Experience DaySunday October 13th, 2019Northamptonshire
Medical Experience DayNovember, 2019Venue tbc, Manchester
Medical Experience DayDecember, 2019Venue tbc, Liverpool

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